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Welcome to our resource library

What is the library and who is it for?

Our Resource Library, developed by the Co-Production Collective community, is for everyone to use! It contains all sorts of useful things from a variety of different places and includes webpages, reports, videos, books, journal articles and much more. We have collated this list of resources rather than curated it, and we will continue to add to it and refine the way that the website works over time. The content won't all be relevant for you but please explore and find what interests you.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved in the co-production and testing of this library and to Big Lemon who built the website for us.

How does the library work?

If you would like some assistance in using the resource library, please have a read of one of our how to guides:

If you still have questions or would like to send us a resource to add to the library please feel free email us on or call Niccola on 07741 671200.

Who is Co-Production Collective?

Co-Production Collective is a co-production community where everyone is welcome. Together, we learn, connect and champion co-production to create lasting change. We are a community of researchers, patients, carers, practitioners, students and anyone else who is interested in co-production (in the health context or more generally). Our work at UCL is guided by our core values, and we are funded by UCL and Wellcome Trust.